Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Election Results

Election Results


On this pie chart below it shows the parties that have seats in return from the elections, it shows the percentage of a number of seats they have. In lead, we have the National Party than Labour, NZF, Green and ACT. In the table up the top of this, it says the exact seats they have in total.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Product Analysis

During our lessons in wood tech, we had searched up different types of clocks and used the image on a google drawing. We then wrote the things we could see on the google drawing (eg themes, shapes, numbers and so) onto hexagons. After we wrote everything we could see, we then cut out the hexagons and glued them onto papers in different kinds of groups like the theme, the different types of clocks, materials and more. This was my groups finishing product!!!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017



Survivor Group work Activity :  
Powerpoint: Survivor

What problems did you face?
One of the problems we faced was when we stumbled across settlements because we were stuck on what should we do. Another problem was when we were getting attacked by pirates because we didn’t have enough weapons or objects to defend us and the the last problem we had was we couldn’t find that much of supplies.

How did you solve problems?
To solve these problems we made a plan of ideas we could do and the things we came up with was setting up traps, finding wood and sharpening them, take their weapons while their sleeping and spy on them to see what they are like.

Who made decisions?
The decisions were made by all of us because we wanted everyone to put their ideas in so that everyone was having a go at something and helping out and so that we could work as a team to get through it together.

Was their one leader who made decisions? Why/why not?
Yes, there was one leader which was Gloria and we all nominated/choose her to be our leader because she is cable of being a positive and responsible person that can come up with different kinds of things that could help us along the way.

Why did we complete this task?
We completed this task because you could never know when you could be stranded on a deserted island and we could have an idea of what to do to survive or when there are changes being done throughout the community or the world.

What are the similarities and differences between pretending to be a survivor on an island (your task) and reality?
The similarities between pretending to be a survivor on a island to actually being stranded on a deserted island is that we are both stranded on a deserted island with no supplies and the fact that we are discussing what could actually happen like for an e.g. stumbling across settlements on the island that could actually happen so then we would have to plan out what we should do. The difference between these two points is that you don’t actually know if you would be stranded on a deserted island with people you know or just strangers.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Scotland's Migration Model

My Social inquiry is focused on the movement of migration from Scotland to New Zealand.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Yr 9, Hunua Camp

Yr 9, Hunua Camp
My Highlights of the Camp:

I personally enjoyed the yr 9 camp to Hunua falls. The 10k hike we did first was hard to do because it was muddy and slippery and we did end up falling but we got through it and at the end of the day we did have fun and was really exhausted. The activities were fun and terrifying at the same time but everyone enjoyed as well. My favourite activities were Team building, Confidence course and the Cargo net, we did get muddy and was really cold but we still enjoyed it. Our cabins were big enough for us all but it did get really cold. The talent quest that we held was also really fun and entertaining, everyone did it together and enjoyed it. We also enjoyed spending time with friends and team mates. It was sad leaving camp back to Glen Innes but we all did have great fun and would recommend coming back.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Personal Migration Story

In Social studies we are currently working on Migration but at the same time learning about the Push and Pull factors of Migrating. On 19 June, in social studies 9KRo, had a guest visitor talking about her Migration story from Samoa to NZ. Her name was Sineli. Sineli had left Samoa around 1962 to NZ at the age of 18, she had Migrated to NZ because she had got the opportunity to be able to come over to NZ for a better chance of education but she didn't just come for that her family also wanted her to get a job so that the money she was getting paid could be sent to Samoa so her dad can build their first Pakeha house. Some of her Pull reasons was to be well educated, raise enough money to be sent for her family in Samoa and better life. Some of her Push reasons was that there wasn't that much advantage of education and that they didn't have that much money. When Sineli moved to NZ the challenges she was facing was understanding English as well as speaking English. I enjoyed Sineli story because her story was very interesting and while she was telling the story I could understand her Push and Pull factors.